lessons and puzzles…

Things I’ve learned the hard way…

Never use the palm of your hand to see which stove burner is hot.

Never try to iron that crease on the front of your shirttail while wearing the shirt. Two words – STEAM iron. Two more words – interesting scar.

People don’t change. Their behavior might change, their motivation might change, but the core remains the same.

When a car smells like rotten broccoli, it’s because there actually is rotten broccoli in the car somewhere.

Never pre-judge people. You’ll be wrong every time.

A dog’s love is far from unconditional.

Things I will never be able to explain…

How did the dried up dead frog end up in the backseat of my car. I have theories, sure, but I will never really know.

Why do dogs and children only teach each other their bad habits – never the good ones?

How can you be crazy-busy all day – and still get nothing done?

Things I know in my bones…

Life is full of hidden intersections.

Learning, or doing, something new every day is the only way to live.

While you are sleeping, the most perishable and expensive foods make their way to the back of the refrigerator and immediately begin to rot.

We will cure cancer before we develop a hairspray nozzle that sprays just your hair.


  1. Bethany /

    True dogs love is conditional but they are fewer then people’s. Bree loves me as long as I am generous with back straches, Abby loves me as long as I am warm to sleep on & Shadow loves me as long as I share my beer.

  2. Lorelle Otis Thomas /

    Elizabeth – do you still have the dead frog? I know this is weird but, my biggest internet claim to fame is my roadkill collection. The GVSU Gallery supervisor keeps asking me is he can mount an exhibit of my collection. Long story. I’ll tell you sometime.

    Lorie Otis (met you last week with my sister)

    • ecusulas /

      Sorry, the dead frog is long gone, Lorie. But you never know what I will find when I clean the car this spring…

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