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why on earth?

What is Speck of Sanity?  It’s a blog for those of us who aren’t rich, aren’t famous, aren’t glamorous – we just are.  We have untidy, reality-based lives.  And by the way, we’re amazing!

The Speck talks about what it’s like to be middle-aged, middle-class and living in the rubble of the recession.  It’s about re-charting your course, re-inventing yourself and re-thinking your priorities.  It’s high time someone spoke for all of us who are still a work in progress.


who the hell?

e-facebook1Elizabeth Cusulas is the author of all these specks of sanity.

I’m a freelance content writer, small business coach, pet sitter and whatever else comes along that’s interesting.

I decided to jump and grow wings on my way down.

I’ll let you know how that turns out…