Snow Dazed

It’s day 3,000 of the winter of 2014…
I’m trapped in my house, suffering from a knee injury and severe underemployment.

Outside my window is the ever-expanding pile of WHITE. If I look out my window at just the right angle, I can see color – the neighbor’s house, a pine tree, the blue sky – but I know the white is lurking below… The white is everywhere.

Slowly. Going. Crazy.

Last weekend I swear I saw the “White Walkers” heading for the wall. Maybe it was just my neighbors with snow blowers. Can’t be sure, my brain has frostbite.

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The best retroactive genius moments are when I invent or discover something that has been around my entire life – something “hiding” in plain sight. I like to think of it as inventing the obvious, or a “DUH-scovery.”

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remembering the lost sock

While Facebook is most often used to share gripping details of everyday life like “my dog just farted”, with 2,000 of your closest friends, on rare occasions Facebook delivers truly earth shattering information like the fact that May 9th is National Lost Sock Memorial Day.

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lessons and puzzles…

Things I’ve learned the hard way… Never use the palm of your hand to see which stove burner is hot. Never try to iron that crease on the front of your shirttail while wearing the shirt. Two words – STEAM iron. Two more words – interesting scar. People don’t change. Their behavior might change, their motivation might change, but the core remains...

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apply for this job if you dare

Applying for a job has always been a demoralizing and intimidating proposition. It’s a dance with a scorpion, but in days that have now apparently gone by, it was fairly civil. Today, I notice a trend toward downright hostile job postings. “Apply if you dare” seems to be the latest edgy new-age banter. The want ads throw down the gauntlet and challenge you to...

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